• Our products

    “W3SAT products are manufactured in 100% galvanized steel, in addition to undergoing a state-of-the-art nano-ceramic coating treatment and micro-textured polyester powder paint, that guarantees at least 500 hours of resistance in salt-spray simulator chambers, giving an excellent presentation and greater durability.”


    “W3SAT is a 100% national industry, that produces terrestrial and satellite signal receiving devices, supplying parts and components to TV operators, distributors, retail chains, and metal-mechanic market.”

    Our Partners

    • HughesNet
    • Yssy
    • Globalsat
    • Unisat
    • STI Telecom
    • SKY
    • OI TV
    • (Português do Brasil) Vivensis
    • Elsys
    • nossa TV brasileira
    • Telefonica/VIVO

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